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Meet The Neighbors: Dean Perry Of The Mars Bonfire


Dean of The Mars Bonfire
Neighbor Dean Perry has been playing bass in his band, The Mars Bonfire, for the past decade. They’ll be headlining a show at Union Hall (702 Union Street) this Friday, August 15, and he promises “you will wake up Saturday morning singing one of the songs to yourself.”

Before you check them out on Friday, we asked Dean a few questions about the band, some of his favorite things about living in South Slope, what song best represents the neighborhood, and more!

SSN: Tell us the “how your band got together” story!

Dean Perry: The Mars Bonfire began ten years ago in Central Florida of all places. Singer/songwriter Mark Wynegar put an ad out in the local alt-weekly looking for musicians to join him in writing, recording, and playing shows in the Orlando area. I was a bassist living in the same area at the time, and Mark’s mentions of Radiohead and Jeff Buckley influences got me interested enough to write him.

Hundreds of shows and many relocations later — and with the absolutely crucial addition of drummer Aaron A. Brooks and guitarist Jay Shepard — The Mars Bonfire is now a known entity on the New York original rock and roll stage. We play pure rock and roll with a true pop sensibility.

The Mars Bonfire

Photo courtesy The Mars Bonfire

Where’s the most rock and roll place in South Slope? The least?

Most: Lucky 13, obviously, with shouts to Der Kommissar and South, for style, attitude, and brazen drunkenness.

Least: Grand Prospect Hall. Though they will MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!

Where’s your favorite place to eat in the neighborhood?

Bar Toto or Lot 2; and I usually regret skipping at a post-dinner drink at Quarter.

What song best represents South Slope?

Beirut, Gulag Orkestar

Have you ever rocked out too hard in your apartment? If so, what were the repercussions?

Not in a long time; I try to be respectful of my neighbors. I have played parties where band members have been arrested for continuing to rock when the cops showed up, however. That was a disaster.

Where’s your favorite place to see live music in the area? And favorite place to play?

Favorite place to watch: The Bell House, Freddy’s.

Favorite place to play: Union Hall, house parties.

What’s the best advice you ever got?

Treat all people with respect, and if you want something, go get it yourself.

The Mars Bonfire plays Union Hall, 702 Union Street, on Friday, August 15 with Brooklyn Sound Machine and Viking. The show starts at 9pm, and tickets are $10, available in advance or at the door.

Top photo of Dean courtesy King Morgan

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