Meet Musicians, DJs, And New Neighbors Anna Anabolic And Tony LoFi

Meet Musicians, DJs, And New Neighbors Anna Anabolic And Tony LoFi
Tony & Anna, via annanabolic on Instagram

Anna Anabolic and Tony LoFi are living the rock and roll life to the fullest. They play together in a garage band called The Recordettes, and each plays in at least one other band — Anna in Party Lights, and Tony in Cudzoo & The Fagettes. They also DJ regularly around the city, including a monthly set at Skylark Bar on 5th Ave in South Slope. On top of it all, they run One Chord Progression, through which they book shows, and where they ask musicians, comedians, and other artists a few questions.

The couple recently moved to Park Slope from Carroll Gardens, so we turned the questions on them, to find out how they like their new neighborhood, what their favorite venues are, and more.

Tell us three facts about each of you: 2 true, and 1 a lie. (See end of post for the answer.)

Tony: I’m French Canadian. Poutine is NOT my favorite meal. I love hockey.

Anna: I’ve seen Cheap Trick live almost 20 times, I can’t drive, and my favorite food is meatloaf.

Anna Anabolic on stage with Reigning Sound

Where’s the most rock and roll place in Park Slope? The least?

Tony: There are tons of cool rock n roll places in Park Slope but I’ll have to go with the one with the best jukebox: Sidecar. They have Reigning Sound on there, people! [Anna pictured above joining the band on stage at The Bell House in October.]

The least rock n roll place would be the record store place called Records & Tapes, because they wouldn’t let me listen to a pile of 45s (and with this, I am making sure they never will).

Metallica pinball at Skylark, via annaanabolic on Instagram

Anna: It’s a tie for most rock n roll place. First is Skylark. I’m being totally objective here. They have Metallica pinball for god’s sake! Second is the Key Food on 5th Avenue…they play the best music. I must meet whoever is DJing there. Chantilly Lace and Wild Thing…that along with their top notch air conditioning almost makes me want to go there even when our fridge is stocked.

Least: Anthony’s Pizza (no relation) on 4th Ave and 6th St. Mysteriously NEVER open. What a tease.

Where’s your favorite place to eat in your new neighborhood?

Tony: Skylark, because it combines everything we love: great food, great music, and pinball machines!!!

Anna: When we’re feeling fancy, Al Di La…when we aren’t, Bar Tano…cheap, yummy, and really cute.

What song best represents Park Slope?

Tony: I would say “Sonic Reducer” by The Dead Boys, because the last time I played the song at Skylark, a lawyer asked us to DJ his son’s bar mitzvah, and that, for me, embodies Park Slope (and NY): rich Jewish guys being drunk, and kids.

Anna: I can’t beat his answer.

Have you ever rocked out too hard in your apartment? If so, what were the repercussions?

Anna & Tony: No, because we’re deathly afraid of our mafia landlady.

The Recordettes at The Bell House

Where’s your favorite place to see live music in the area? And favorite place to play?

Anna & Tony: The Bell House would definitely be our favorite place to see a show and also to play. [The Recordettes are pictured above, playing there in February.] It’s the best! They’ve had amazing shows like the Norton Fest (and Post-Sandy Norton show), Ian Hunter, The Muffs, multiple Reigning Sound shows, and amazing comedy. We saw Louis C.K. for $10. Union Hall is a close-second with Littlefield getting the bronze. Before it closed, I (Anna) was a huge fan of Southpaw too. That was before Tony moved to NY. When it reopens as a Duane Reade, I’ll have to bring him and show him, “See the aspirin aisle? That’s where the photo booth was…” [Ed. note: Not so much aspirin as children are coming to that space.]

What’s the best advice you ever got?

Anna: Learn to play guitar right-handed.

Tony: My best advice was to stop playing rock n roll and act like an adult. I sadly was too dumb to follow it.

Tony and Anna will be DJing at Skylark this Friday, July 19 starting at 8pm, and also at East River Bar in Williamsburg on Saturday, July 20. Their band The Recordettes is playing Grand Victory on Friday, August 9 with The Lost Riots from Connecticut and Light Bulb Alley from Montreal.

The lie in question 1 is that Tony doesn’t love hockey, and Anna isn’t into meatloaf.

Top photo and Metallica pinball pic via annaanabolic