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Meet Malcolm Brickhouse, Guitarist For Unlocking The Truth, And Park Slope Student


Malcolm Brickhouse of Unlocking the Truth, via FB
By now you’ve probably heard about the awesome Brooklyn metal band Unlocking the Truth, whose young members — guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, 13, bassist Alec Atkins, 13, and drummer Jarad Dawkins, 12 — have been taking not just the city, but now the country, by storm, traveling as part of the Vans Warped Tour, opening for Guns N’ Roses and Queens of the Stone Age, and more. And to top it all off, they just signed a two-album deal with Sony.

But did you know that one of the members goes to school right here in Park Slope?

Malcolm has been a student at PS/MS 282, located at 180 6th Avenue, since the second grade, when he transferred from another school. With his star rising, we caught up with the thrashing musician to find out what he likes about school (and what could use some improvements), what his classmates and teachers think of the band, and more.

PSS: I’ve read that you’re an excellent student — is there a subject you’re particularly good at? 

Malcolm Brickhouse: Well, I’m not exactly an excellent student, but I do consider myself smart. I like ELA, English Language Arts, because it helps me become a better songwriter and because I like to write stories and poems.

What’s one of your favorite things about attending 282? And what’s one thing you would change?

My favorite thing about attending 282 are the friends I made. The one thing I would probably change first is the lunch. YUCK!

Do you have a favorite teacher?

I like my ELA teacher Mrs. McFadden. She taught me a lot about writing stories, expressing my thoughts and ideas in the right order, persuasive essays, and things like that.

What do the students and teachers think about your band?

Some of the kids like our band and some of them don’t. I know my gym teacher Mr. Plant likes my band.

Have you ever played music at the school? How did that go?

One time my band Tears of Blood performed for the Imani House after school program and I performed by myself. I guess everybody like us because they were clapping.

What would you say to a kid who was thinking about going to school at 282, but might be considering another school as well?

Well, if you can concentrate in a classroom full of kids, why not.

If you’re headed to Rochester, Philadelphia, or Montreal, check out Malcolm with Unlocking the Truth live at one of their upcoming shows, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Photo via Unlocking the Truth

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