MBCG Rages Against Beachside BBQ Policy

Photo courtesy of v0v via Flickr

Manhattan Beach Community Group President Ira Zalcman is demanding stronger enforcement of barbecue laws on the quiet community’s shore this summer.

Currently, the beach has only two legal locations for grilling in the park: next to the parking lot and by the corner of Oriental Boulevard and Hastings Street.

But Zalcman implied on the group’s website last Friday that grilling happens in other locations, and law enforcement is trying to shrug off responsibility. He wrote:

After last weeks BBQIng skewer head stabbing, NYC Parks said we only have two areas set aside for BBQing. They are kidding?
Parks Police claim they have jurisdiction on the sand only. Kidding again?
We’re insisting that the law is enforced this year and people BBQ only in the designated areas allowed by law.

Among the problems the group has with beachside barbecuing is the increased violence it inevitably causes (i.e. the skewering on May 7), and the second-hand smoke other park visitors are forced to inhale.