Mayor To Release Waterfront Development Plan Today

The mayor is unveiling a plan today that may help repair and reopen the Manhattan Beach esplanade, spur dredging of Sheepshead Bay, and make repairs to the Gerritsen Beach seawalls – among scores of other waterfront development proposals.

This plan, called Vision 2020, will open or develop huge swaths of New York City’s beachfronts, riverwalks and marinas and will produce an end result that Bloomberg describes as “one of the most sweeping transformations of any urban waterfront in the world.”

According to the Daily News, the plan calls for spending $700 million over the next three years to buy waterfront land, upgrade beaches, protect wetlands, improve water quality and add more parks in all five boroughs.

The development will likely employ hundreds – if not thousands – which is a good thing, since there will be plenty of unemployed teachers to fill those jobs.