Mathieu Eugene Omits Coney Island Avenue’s Traffic Woes

The traffic issues plaguing Coney Island Avenue are something of a cause célèbre around here. We announced, attended and reported on Councilman Mathieu Eugene’s Traffic Calming Forum earlier this month.

Today, Eugene followed up the forum with letters to the 66th Precinct, 70th Precinct and the Department of Transportation listing “problematic locations” and suggesting improvements and solutions.

Despite the fact that Coney Island Avenue was discussed at length during the meeting, it doesn’t appear once in the letters. Dorchester Road and East 19th Street was never mentioned at the meeting but is given a high priority in the letters.

Because it omits Coney Island Avenue, Eugene’s letter to the 66th Precinct includes no problems that actually fall under the jurisdiction of the 66th Precinct.

You can view today’s letters here and here. You can read a recap of the meeting here.

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  1. Is this some sort of joke?

    “Traffic lights are E17th and E18th are often simultaneously
    green, allowing motorists to travel from Ocean Avenue to Rugby Road without slowing or stopping”

    THAT is a problem that requires time and $$$ to fix but the CF on Coney Island avenue gets a pass?

  2. Was the Councilmember listening at the meeting? Whoever wrote the letter for him also didn’t pay attention and has very little understanding of DOT and traffic engineering. I thought it was made clear that DOT has nothing to do with the FDC tree guards on Cortelyou.
    HZe should be meeting with the CO of the 66 regarding the total lack of enforcement on CIA

  3. I don’t mind saying so but, I TOLD YOU SO. How could any meeting about conditions in the 66 Pct and Community Board 12 be conducted without their presence? Just another joke.

  4. Proof this councilman is an incompetent idiot and needs to be replaced. This sort of “advocacy” wouldn’t pass muster in a high school civics class. Can’t we do better?

  5. Maybe hMathieu Eugene just forgot about Coney Island Avenue because he’s so busy with so many other pressing issues.

  6. Eugene is indeed a dope. I am so jealous of the folks nearby who have Jumaane Williams as their rep., (even if I do tease Jumaane for his recently acquired zeal for getting arrested). Eugene reminds me of a scathing remark that a Haitian relief worker made to a reporter regarding the incompetence and futility shown by another countryman, Wyclef Jean, who had failed to carry out public promises: “washing our hands and drying them in the dirt.”

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