Mary’s Bar Is Closing After Five Years In The Neighborhood

Mary’s Bar Is Closing After Five Years In The Neighborhood
(Mary's courtesy Nicholas Mundy's Instagram.)
Mary’s (Courtesy Nicholas Mundy/Instagram.)

Mary’s, a neighborhood institution, will be shuttering its doors on Sunday night after five years in business.

The South Slope anchor, at 708 5th Ave since 2011, will be having a farewell party at 7pm on Sunday night. Mary’s had briefly added a flea market before being snuffed out because of a dispute with its landlord.

“There are so many amazing things that happened in that room, that I can’t even begin…. I’ve gone to Thanksgiving parties and every single person in the room goes to my bar,” said proprietor Sylvia Holden.

(Courtesy Mary's)
(Courtesy Mary’s)

The farewell party will include an auction featuring baby doll heads, bar rules, no smoking signs, and pieces of the bathroom wall at 9pm. DJ Iron Nigel and DJ Wonton will be leading the party. Yearbooks by Davin Ché of Minimal Hustle also be on sale.

Mary’s going away party is scheduled to start Sunday before sundown but they’ll be sure to deep into the the dying of the light.


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