Senator Martin Golden’s Pesky Etiquette Class Isn’t Going Away Quietly

Image courtesy of the offices of Andrew Gounardes

After Senator Martin Golden was lambasted in the media for his recent mailer announcing a seminar to teach women how to “walk up and down a stair elegantly,” Andrew Gounardes, who wants Golden’s 22nd district seat, is getting in on the action.

He thinks Golden should apologize.

In a press release, Gounardes says, “I demand that Senator Golden apologize immediately – if only on behalf of my mother and sister. Proudly hosting an event where women could learn how to ‘sit and walk like a model’ shows just how out-of-touch Golden is with the smart, talented and hard-working women who live here.”

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Gounardes likens Golden’s silence on the seminar to a lesser version of Archie Bunker. He says, “Heck, even Archie Bunker knew when to admit he was wrong to Edith.”

“From CNN to Comedy Central, everyone is talking about how out-of-touch Senator Golden is – everyone knows he was wrong,” said Gounardes Campaign Manager, Chris McCreight. “Everyone, that is, except Golden himself, who seems to think we’ll forget that he used taxpayer money to promote this outdated way of thinking.”

Golden has since removed all traces of the seminar from the event listings on his website.

Aside from the media spectacle the antiquated seminar caused, there is a political angle too. Golden rejected New York State Fair Pay Act for working women, and this is something Gounardes has been chirping about for some time.

“Fair pay has been a recurring theme in Gounardes’ campaign to unseat State Senator Golden. In 2009 the median income of full time, year-round workers was $47,127 for men, compared to only $36,278 for women,” he wrote in the release.

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  1. excuse me, have you looked around lately. 95% of the young women in Brooklyn need a class like this. It probably could have been worded better but it’s a great idea. Girls need to respect themselves otherwise they will not be respected by others. Have you ever seen some of these girls walking around, a professional job is not what I would be thinking when I see them…..more like a stripper pole.

  2. Marty Golden is a pig who has NO respect for women. I was at a function one evening and the chauvanist pig tried to kiss me – I don’t even know this man. I put my hand up and pushed his old ugly man face away from me. My friends at the table couldn’t believe his bad behavior. He should go for etiquette classes, as he has no class.

  3. I think more men need a class – I see men, all the time hocking and spitting on the ground, spitting sunflower seeds on the ground and on the floors of the trains, who are loud, rude and obnoxious, cursing, fighting. Gather up the men – there are many, many who need help more than women do.


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