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Marshalls: Stocked And Ready To Open This Thursday


For you budget-conscious fashionistas out there who’ve been e-mailing us – over and over and over again – about the opening of the new Marshalls on Avenue Y and East 17th Street, well, your day has come. The business will celebrate its grand opening this Thursday, August 23, 2012, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The public relations team informs us that there will be giveaways, gift card prizes “and more.”

The 27,336-square-foot location at 1623 Avenue Y has been under construction since September. Many in the area worried that the location would cause a parking and traffic nightmare, but Sheepshead Bites confirmed in December that the location will have a rooftop parking lot that will help ease that burden.

Sheepshead Bites was the first to report that Marshalls would come to the neighborhood, after four businesses on the property shuttered in early 2011: Golden Touch Car Wash, Gulf gas station, KR & S Auto Service and the fruit and vegetable market on East 16th Street.

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  1. Laugh if you like but that’s my tent on the corner.
    How about Bites doing an “everybody dresses marshally” pictorial 1 week from now. LOL

  2. is this place gonna have separate shopping areas for black and white people? I don’t wanna get shot like that kid from queens?

  3. Like there isn’t enough traffic on Ave Y as is.  Just what we need… another big store.  Especially, it’s a junk store and not a “fashionista” store.  Cheap stores, cheapen the neighborhood and creates unwanted traffic.

  4. No, it is on Avenue Y. And welcome to the hood.
    What cheapens this neighborhood is the filth. 
    This is a welcome site to what used to take up that parcel.
    You want fashionista go to Sheepshead Bay Road and pay Manhattan prices.
    Better yet go to the other side of Ocean Parkway on Avenue U. 
    If you spend more does that mean it is in style? 
    “Some’ people miss Kmart. Ya’ know those who don’t have to let everyone know they are wearing a black thong under a white outfit. 😉

  5. I wish there wasn’t a blank wall facing Avenue Y. It deadens the streetscape (and is unappealing in general).


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