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Marine Park Shines In New Bill Murray Movie Trailer


The trailer for Bill Murray’s new flick, St. Vincent, was released last week and it’s chock full of shots of Marine Park.

Scenes for the movie were filmed across the neighborhood throughout most of the summer last year, especially around Batchelder Street, Avenue S, Avenue T, Avenue U, East 26th Street and East 27th Street (where they even set up a fake MTA bus stop). A lot of the film was also shot inside a local home, which they “fixed up” to look rundown.

Directed by Brooklyn-native Theodore Melfi, St. Vincent is about a grumpy old Marine Park man, played by Murray, and his relationship with recently divorced neighbor (Melissa McCarthy) and her young son (Jaeden Lieberher), to whom he plays reluctant mentor and role model. It also stars Naomi Watts and Chris O’Dowd. It’s due out in October, and is apparently already garnering Murray some award-season buzz.

Murray proved the consummate celebrity while in the neighborhood, graciously taking photos with fans and mingling with the natives.

Reader Janine Sav with Murray in front of Good Shepherd Catholic Church.

After one of the shoots, he wandered over to a neighbor’s home on East 16th Street, admired the house, and hung out with them on the porch.

Bill Murray hanging out with some Avenue U fans (Photo courtesy of Dominick Arabia)
Bill Murray (center, back row) hanging out with some Avenue U fans (Photo courtesy of Dominick Arabia)

Watch the preview above and see how many neighborhood spots you can identify!

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  1. I remember bill Murray when he was a younger comic on Saturday Night Live, bad acne and all, the infamous “lounge singer” character he developed to great acclaim, decades ago. Then he left and his spot was taken by his kin Brian Doyle Murray for a while. I was glad to read in The Bites today and also last year that he’s a nice guy in person. And that’s the fact, jack. (“Stripes”)

  2. I grew up on E16 between Ave. U and V and that porch is definitely not on my block. That is a mistayyyk….


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