Marine Park Halloween Walk Canceled As A Result Of Lawsuit

Bummer. (Source: via Flickr)
Bummer. (Source: via Flickr)

The Marine Park Halloween Walk, an event that has taken place for nearly 30 years, has come to a halt at the orders of the Marine Park Civic Association. Brooklyn Daily is reporting that the event was canceled this year over a lawsuit stemming from an unspecified incident that occurred at last year’s walk.

The day-time event draws children and adults, decked out in their favorite Halloween costumes, to the park every year with promises of candy, contests and all-around good fun. Marine Park Civic Association members were mum on the details of the incident that led to the lawsuit, but stated that overall monetary considerations led to the cancellation as well:

The lawsuit was the primary reason for canceling the Halloween Walk, although financial concerns factored into the decision, according to [Jim] Ivaliotis.
“It’s not purely monetary, but that’s a big part of it. In case this thing goes far, and we have to entertain more legal representation than just the insurance company lawyers representing us, there’s going to be a large cost of event insurance,” Ivaliotis said. “It’s too risky to do it and we had to make that decision.”
That being said, Ivaliotis is reluctant to institute a fee to attend the event, which the civic has provided free of charge since its debut.
“I’m really sorry,” said Ivaliotis. “This had become an institution, but it has to pass this year.”

Well, I guess just because the event itself is canceled, it shouldn’t stop people from dressing up and walking around Marine Park on Halloween anyway. Still, it is always sad when an organized and fun community based event is canceled over money, lawsuits and lawyers.