Marilyn Carino Puts Bensonhurst Back On The Show Biz Map

It’s always nice to do a story on mid 20th Century celebrities from Bensonhurst. Plus, it’s easy as there’s just so many of them.

Let’s come out the the past and into the present. When asked, many in mainstream media will tell you that, with the golden post World War II era long gone, and Charles In Charge in reruns for 25 freakin’ years, the only thing coming out of Bensonhurst worth talking about these days is food.

Meanwhile, one young talent from the neighborhood is proving them all wrong.

After her band Mudville took home an Independent Music Award for the song Wicked, Marilyn Carino has released a solo album by the name of Little Genius, part of which was recorded right here in Bensonhurst.

Her music is described on her website as “torchy electronic rock, which feels like Annie Lennox just met PJ Harvey in Radiohead’s basement.” While her voice has been compared to “Nina Simone coming back from the dead to front Morcheeba.”

Her website includes a very interesting Bio. So interesting in fact that we requested a Q & A with Marilyn while putting together this post.

Until then, you can learn more about Marilyn Carino and her new album Little Genius here.