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Map Shows The Age Of All Structures In Brooklyn

Source: via ny.curbed

Thomas Rhiel of BKLYNR put together this nifty little map that shows the approximate age of all structures standing in Brooklyn. We were clued into this map, which pins the age of 320,000 structures across Brooklyn, via NY Curbed.

The oldest structures are clearly churches but in closely scanning the map, I haven’t seen any blue in our area, which represents buildings built before 1825. Let me know the oldest spots you can pick out. Here, again, is the link to the zoomable map in full.

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  1. If they used data from DOF records you won’t find many houses in our neck of the woods from before 1899. House dates from before 1940 are highly inaccurate.

  2. That is hilarious. They don’t get anywhere near the right date for houses that were actually built in 1800, but this one is nowhere near that old.

  3. Yeah, something looked suspicious on Google maps when i did street view. I’ll have to walk by there sometime if i remember, check it out. Wonder how and why a mistake was made in that exact spot.

  4. Funny. An example, one building I know for sure isn’t from 1931. More like late 1990s or early 2000’s. Perhaps they left one wall from the original building 😉
    If a building is >90% rebuilt what year is it from?


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