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Manhattan Beach Neighbors Blast New Drop-Off Location For Kingsborough Shuttle Bus


Kingsborough Community College administrators have moved the drop-off location of the yellow school bus that shuttles students from campus to subway station and back, no longer allowing it on the school’s property. The new location has a local civic group fuming that the school is piling on more traffic problems along the problem-prone Oriental Boulevard.

The school made a decision approximately five years weeks ago barring the Safe Coach bus from entering the campus out of a concern for safety, said Ruby Ryles, the school’s spokesperson.

“Public Safety feels they can scrutinize students and others entering the campus on foot better than on the bus,” Ryles told Sheepshead Bites.

The solution they came up with was to begin dropping students off in the same turnaround the MTA uses at Mackenzie Street for its B1 and B49 buses. The problem is, they never asked the MTA’s permission, and the Manhattan Beach Community Group said they feel like the school snubbed them by not asking their opinion.

“They just do things without telling us,” said the group’s president, Ira Zalcman. “They’re in our community, but they never bother listening to our concerns. This has been going on for years.”

Zalcman said he notified the MTA to find if the agency okay’d the co-location. The MTA said absolutely not.

“MTA New York City Transit runs very frequent service out of that loop,” MTA spokesperson Deirdre Parker told Sheepshead Bites. “We feel there is not enough room to accommodate Safe Coach in addition to NYCT buses at that location.  We are looking into our options which includes restricting the stop to Transit buses only.”

The school today agreed to move the location again – this time to Oriental Boulevard just outside of the gates. But they still won’t enter.

“The matter is now resolved,” Ryles said.

Not to the Manhattan Beach Community Group, though.

“Kingsborough almost capitulated. Almost,” Zalcman said when he heard the news. He pointed out that there No Stopping Anytime signs all along that stretch of Oriental Boulevard, which the DOT defines as “you may not wait, stop to load/unload packages or merchandise at curbside, or drop off or pick up passengers at this location.”

“We’re going to call the police station and we expect them to enforce all existing laws. They can’t stand there,” Zalcman said.

The problem, he claims is that it adds to traffic and safety concerns to have a large vehicle there, and to be unnecessarily dumping Kingsborough students into the community. He wants the school bus – and the MTA buses, for that matter – to drop off students on campus.

“It’s enough that we have cars sitting there all day waiting for students. We think they should have a waiting area that should also be on campus. The MTA turnaround should be on campus, the waiting area should be on campus, the yellow bus should be on campus” he said. “We have enough car safety issues in the community, and they just don’t want to listen to our concerns.”

Correction: The original version of this article incorrectly stated that the decision to discharge students off campus was made five years ago. It was five weeks ago, and the article has been corrected.

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  1. I hope Mr. Zalcman’s home is thoroughly examined for code compliance and his tax returns are absolutely by the books. And so help me God he better not have plated lose with any building codes in repairing his house after the hurricane. This is some of the most petty, territorial, and downright retarded crap I’ve seen in a while. Many, many people get dropped off by buses all along Oriental blvd every day and it makes no difference to safety. And for the KBCC public safety people, I can’t believe their stupidity either. They don’t check IDs at the entrance anyway so what difference does it make if they are coming on the bus to campus. Get a grip. I can’t believe the bunch of TSA wannabes they are proving to be. The stupid has really metastasized in everyone involved here.

  2. The problem will always be that the rich inhabitants of manhattan beach do not want the poor outsiders that go to this college on what they deem to be their own private property. “They just do things without telling us They’re in our community.” Wrong. THEY ARE PART of “your community” and have been for many many years. They aren’t bothering you by being dropped off on Oriental Blvd or at the bus stop.

  3. This is all because the school doesn’t want to assign a security guard to stand outside at the circle to monitor all people being dropped off.

  4. Maybe if the “students” who attend that institution were house trained, instead of urinating and defecating in the streets or on the lawns of our extremely expensive home where we pay some of the highest taxes for in the City, or the “students” assiduously studied as much as they ingest narcotics in front of our homes, or fornicate in their cars in front of our homes, we might be more accepting.

    Those “poor students” with their $500 iphones should remain in their “community”, where they are free to urinate, defecate, fornicate and intoxicate in the middle of the streets or in the yards of their neighbors. Until, that day we will insist that these “students” are supervised by as many keepers as possible.

  5. When you bought your home you knew it was next to a Community College. That HAD to have factored into your decision to pay for property with such high taxes.

    Your home is no different then any other private property within walking distance of a public school or college. If people are damaging your property then be proactive and do something about it then bitch about the government and school. Put up recording devices and gather some evidence.

    Your high taxes don’t entitle you to being special jackass. If you don’t like living near a school move. I’m sure you can sell that expensive property and move to a suburb away from the city and away from any public school or unwashed students.

  6. Do you work very hard to be this idiotic Arthur?

    As a matter of fact we DO have recording devices that record “students” urinating and defecating on our streets while smoking drugs and fornicating in cars and making certain to leave used condoms in front of our homes where children often pick them up thinking they are balloons.

    When we call the police, they ignore us, refuse to look at our recordings and refuse to take reports.

    We Will sell our expensive property WHEN WE WANT, not when a jealous peasant like you tells us to. MY TAXES DO ENTITLE ME TO SOMETHING. Don’t hate us for being rich, you can live here too Arthur as soon as you can come up with a million dollars or so.

  7. I don’t hate you for being rich, I hate you for being a pretentious and entitled prick who thinks he’s the salt of the earth. Your taxes don’t entitle you to any special treatment. They are your civic responsibility.

    If you claim the police ignore you then collect your evidence with your neighbors, pool your nigh limitless financial resources together and sue the city for these magical services you claim to be entitled to.

    Put the video on the internet, shame all those people publicly. I’m not defending their actions. They are disgusting and inappropriate to be sure. But you can’t actually expect the city to come running over this petty bullshit do you?

    You live in NEW YORK CITY. The police have more important shit to do like solve murders and write traffic tickets because the city is going broke! If you want to live somewhere where your taxes buy you the police like some personal security service for your property then move to a gated community in Connecticut or Rhode Island or wherever else.

    I can sympthatize with your frustrations with the NYPD only so much. Use your wealth and resources to solve your problem. So far all you’re doing is complaining on the internet like a pretentious and self entitled twat. Grow the fuck up. You should know better how the real world works. How the hell did you ever make enough money to buy a house in Manhattan Beach if you’re that damned oblivious.

    Calling me a jealous peasant just goes to highlight what you think of people outside your class. This is not Bourgeois Europe pal. You’re in the wrong century.

  8. Police have more important things to do like murders and writing tickets….are you serious? Not only these bastards abuse their power and steal from people…and these pigs also don’t want to do their job when people ask them to do.

    City is broke, let’s steal from people by raising taxes to selective parts of Brooklyn like Manhattan Beach and write tickets in order to cause more financial hardship for working people….so you will find every excuse for bastards that have smartphones and others gadgets that exceed they ability to afford it but grant them with financial aid and welfare assistance on the expense of people who live on Manhattan Beach….they have every right to demand things for their community.

    Bastards that attend that college in no way shape of form contribute
    to Manhattan Beach Community.

  9. Wow. If I could see this video footage I might believe it is college kids causing your problems with condoms and urination in the streets.
    I highly doubt they would rather urinate inthe street than wait to use a restroom on campus. The “students” do not need “to be trained”. There are plenty of pigs roaming the street who have nothing to do with KBCC. Bring the video to a 61 pct. meeting offer it as evidence to the Capt.!
    Added to that you should check out the the “lovers lanes” all over Southern Brooklyn.
    There are plenty of condoms around Sheepshead Bay and these are NOT from students.People are too cheep to spring for a hotel for their affairs.
    Do they bring their dogs from home to let them poop in a classy neighborhoood also? GIve me a break.
    Yes, what Arthur said is true, there was a college for some time and the ONLY quam MB residents should have is that they are not being discharged onto the campus. NO biggie.

  10. So you are starting a volunteer watch group aye?
    What ever happened to the private security that used to drive around?
    Maybe you should speak to Councilman Greenfield if you do not get results from your elected officials.. He seems to work wonders in his district.

  11. Ned, either you made a mistake or the spokesperson is ignorant or lying. The decision to bar their own buses from campus could not possibly have been made 5 years ago. Five days ago or five weeks ago is more like it. If the college wants more security all they have to do is require the bus drivers to have students show their school identification when boarding like they should have been doing all along instead of letting everyone board. Problem solved.

    As far as the MTA is concerned, not only is the terminal too small to accommodate the school’s buses, it is also too small to accommodate all the MTA buses. The MTA has requested Kingsborough to allow some or all of its buses on the campus for at least five years, and the school has been totally unresponsive. Some reconstruction may be required and who would pay for it would have to be discussed, but those discussions never even started because of the school’s reluctance to better accommodate its own students.

    Something will eventually have to be done as long as enrollment keeps growing. If the MTA has to use existing park land to expand the existing terminal which requires students to walk a quarter mile to the school, that would be a real shame.

    If the school cares about its students, not only would it continue to allow the buses on campus, it should at least allow the MTA shuttle buses onto the campus. That really is not asking too much. That move would greatly help students as well as helping the residents.

  12. Meetings with local Police Captains? You silly boy, as if the police can take time away from their busy schedule of framing innocents, writing tickets, drinking coffee and dining in questionable restaurants. Silly, silly boy.

    As if the police even respond to 911 calls anymore, and really to think they would review “evidence”?

    As for the “pigs” roaming all over, the “pigs” we see are all sporting their “Kingsboro 4 eva” bumper stickers as the whip out their willies and proceed to urinate on our trees or as they walk to class.

    My excessive taxes are going directly to subsidize a zoo of roaming animals who have never even been paper trained. We demand better cages for animals and to not have a taxpayer financed zoo spreading filth in our neighborhood.

  13. You really need to stop condemning a large group of people for the actions of a very few. That goes for your statements about the police as well as the students. How would you like it if someone said all rich Manhattan Beach owners are able to afford their homes because of all the money they stole from the poor people?

    I assume you wouldn’t like that very much even if it were true in your case.

  14. This article contains a mistake — and misses the point. The College’s decision was not made 5 years ago; it was made a few weeks ago, just after a reported ‘slashing’ that you reported, involving students in an altercation. Want to bet they were fighting over who got on the bus? These buses have been dangerously overcrowded for years. The TWU supposedly complained about KCC students jumping out the back of overcrowded school buses, which ran with students on the stairs, in violation of the law. So the College began enforcing a ‘seated only’ rule. No standees. Only they had to put public safety officers on every bus to enforce the rule. Once they stopped riding, the slashing occured. Dropping students outside the gate does nothing to increase security except limit the college’s liability, and expense. However, students are anxious to get to class on time. Do we blame them? All of this is a half-hearted effort to solve a much larger problem: the College is growing, and there’s not enough transportation — public or otherwise — to make this college accessible. I’d hate to think the only answer is to move the campus to a location that’s more accessible. Huge waste of taxpayer money, and think of the loss of business to the Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach communities.

  15. You realize that there is no need to directly insult the Kingsborough Community? If you really want respect, please don’t insult others. Furthermore, you can get in trouble for it. Lastly, do not ridicule someone else opinion as some of the students are also residents around the area.

  16. You are correct. It would be such a shame to loose business around the Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach area communities. No school, no people (consumers) which is such a basic dynamics of business taking place.

  17. People who tend to admonish others for a number of issues such as “defecating” in the streets, are usually the ones who could be found spitting in the sidewalk or something gross, truly.

  18. I can see you are new here.
    You can whine, move or take whatever action you have available. One would be voting the right people to represent you….. I should say “right people” to run for office.
    MY “excessive” taxes pay for your streets also, and you want to be privy to that?
    Let’s take a walk on the esplanade and talk about it.

  19. We wouldn’t want to get into “trouble” referring to a group of feral animals subsisting on government handouts and able to claim they “is educated” for showing up to “class” stoned – Animal Rights Advocates might take action- You are right. The “Students” who use our streets and urinals and Porto-potties are not animals, animals are far more civil and intelligent.

  20. MTA buses do not count since they drop off outside of the school grounds. The College could always check their IDs at the gate if they so desire.

    The issue with the yellow buses is that if they drop off inside the college, the students have already bypassed the checkpoint and additional security guards would be necessary. By having them drop off outside the gates, that puts those buses in the same category as the MTA buses, except it is much more inconvenient for the students, and the Manhattan Beach Community Group also opposes it for whatever reasons they might have, right or wrong.

    Do you understand now what is going on?

  21. Bring your so called evidence to civic association meetings, CB meetings, or the regular meetings that the police do show up to, they are usually announced here. If you were actually involved in your community, you would know how to get them to look.


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