Manhattan Beach Man Spends $100k On Holocaust Video For YouTube

Oh? You’ve never heard of the Holocaust, you say? Have I got a YouTube video for you…

And, no, it doesn’t have cats making weird sounds while they eat, or falling off tables. It doesn’t even tell the story of the Holocaust through cats. I know, it’s like, “Hey, YouTube, I hardly knew ye!” Right?

What it does have is hundreds of actors and technical staff, a $100,000-plus budget and 7-minutes of story told by song.

Manhattan Beach resident Daniel Finkelman bankrolled the YouTube film, a project he says is to increase Holocaust awareness among American youth.

Finkelman, an ultra-Orthodox Jew, put the video together at a time when the number of Holocaust survivors continues to dwindle.

“As those voices fade, the voices of Holocaust deniers are amplified,” he told

The report continues:

This thought had plagued Finkelman for the past few years, and drove him to initiate a campaign aimed at non-Jewish teenagers in the United States.
“There is an entire generation that is growing up in a fast-paced world, in which something new happens every moment. That young generation hasn’t got the patience to learn about the Holocaust,” says Finkelman. “For us it is an inseparable part of the Jewish history; for them it is another black and white entry in the encyclopedia.”
Finkelman explained that the goal of his campaign was to grab the attention of those teenagers via a medium that interests them, and – in a five-minute clip – encapsulate the horrors of the Holocaust alongside the tremendous hopes of the Jews who suffered there.

Now maybe we can get those Stormfront guys to watch this…