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Man Plunges To Death Trying To Escape Police In Fort Greene

A screen shot of Jamel Chandler from the video he posted to Facebook Live

A 21-year-old man trying to escape the police fell eleven stories to his death Tuesday evening in Fort Greene.

The NYPD say they were seeking Jamel Chandler in connection to a robbery. Chandler, who was recently released from prison after serving a 4-year sentence, was staying with a friend at the Ingersoll Houses, the New York Daily News reports.

Chandler recorded himself for about six minutes as police approached his door at approximately 6:23pm on Tuesday, April 18—just moments before he fell to his death. He posted the footage of himself on Facebook Live, according to the Daily News article.

Chandler created a rope using bed sheets to climb out of the 11th floor window. The sheets gave way and he fell, the article states.

Chandler was taken to Brooklyn Hospital where he died.


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