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Man Impersonating A Federal Agent To Get Ahead In Gas Rationing Line Faces Felony Charges

The BP Station at 3010 Ocean Avenue, before the days of odd/even gas-rationing, blocks-long lines and police protection. Source: Google Maps

A 22-year-old man was caught pretending to be a police officer in order to cut a Sheepshead Bay gas line reserved for officers and first responders.

Milan Nus told an officer, who was guarding the BP station at 3010 Ocean Avenue between Avenue Z and Voorhies Avenue, that he was a federal agent. He flashed a badge in an attempt to fool the officer.

The officer started asking questions and quickly realized that Nus was lying. Nus’ behavior and speech tipped off the attending officer, according to CBS Local.

Nus was arrested and charged with the felony crime of impersonating a public official.

Thanks to Thomas C. for the tip on this story.

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  1. There is always one wise ass no matter were you go. I am so glad he got caught. Play with fire it will come back and bite you.

  2. from face book – lol
    Simon Kaplunposted toMilan Nus
    November 1 near Brooklyn
    Getty has gas on coney island ave and ave n. Huge line though.
    Milan Nus Thanks bro got a rental with a full tank let me know if u need anything !
    November 1 at 8:53pm via mobile

  3. It’s a normal public gas station but there were lines that were designated for First Responders and City Employees that had to get to work to do their jobs running the city.

  4. there was one by my wifes job 65th and 8th but they only filled me up for 20 bucks….. good thing i got a small tank lol

  5. Karma’s a BITCH! This guy screwed so many people out of their money when he worked for Signature Auto that the good guys at Signature had to fire
    him. He deserves everything coming to him. How DARE HE impersonate a
    federal agent. KARMA, BABY, KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I know this station well. Two days before the storm, I fortunately filled up my car, which fortunately I don’t need to use to commute to work, for $3.83. Two days after the storm, their price for the 87 was $3.94! Perhaps some authority, with power will eventually take them for task for this. On a more humorous, but could have been tragic note, I walked past the station, a week ago, last Tuesday, and there was a line four blocks long, some of them standing, with those now ubiquitous orange red containers, and I would say, a third of the clientele were smoking cigarettes! Needless, to say, I kept my distance!!!

  7. You can’t blame people for having opinions based on the information they are given so here are some facts to inform you with the truth of the matter. He did not use a fake badge rather a family member card given to him by a family member. Nothing fake about that. Given the obnoxious gas circumstances, he used it to skip the line. Was it fair? Maybe not. But does it make him a criminal? Nah. He didn’t claim to be a federal agent, nor was that ever his intent. He used the card that clearly states in bold letters , ” FAMILY MEMBER”. It doesn’t even resemble an official federal agent card. The officer let him skip the line to get gas. After he already filled up the officer then I guess wakes up from staring at the clouds and decides to call him over. The officer asks him if he is a federal agent, he replies no. He then proceeds to argue that the kid told him he was. In which Milan responds that the card clearly stated he is a family member and he never implied he was an agent himself. At this point he is arrested without further question, in typical fashion of a cop who feels stupid and doesn’t know what else to do. Say what you will about his character but at the end of the day, this gas situation was crazy and if you want to sit there and pretend as though you wouldn’t try to take advantage of special treatment then you are clearly full of it. People were doing far worse. He didn’t steal, he didn’t lie and he didn’t mislead anyone. He used the resources he had to make the most of an uncomfortable situation. So wipe that grin off your face thinking he’s going to suffer with a felony attached to him, clearly the evidence proves he is innocent of any crime- DAS IT! #dismissed

  8. Just to clarify, the charges have already been reduced to misdemeanor from a felony. So all you haters that want to continue hating and pretending that he’s going to get in trouble or Suffer in anyway,think again. How terrible and dumb do you feel now that you have taken the time to create fake Facebook pages and post all this nonesense. He attempted to take advantage of the resources that so many of you wish you had afforded to you And when the cop was getting yelled at by others in line, he reacted to protect himself and made up a story and that’s why there will be no charges at the end of the day. FAMILY MEMBER, that’s what it said, and btw, same family member showed up in court to clarify, thus charges reduced to misdiminier as opposed to a felony. Retards with no life!

  9. Seriously? You’re saying all of us would try to impersonate a fed agent or would have loved to try that? No, my dear, we would NOT and that is why WE weren’t arrested. And, sorry you feel bad, but a lot of people DO HAVE A GRIN ON THEIR FACE today – because he got what he deserved.

  10. Ms. Davidova, Please tell me why you continue to slander this young man. He was never fired from signature and is not charged with a felony. What you would or would not do, we’ll neer know since you don’t actually have a family member badge. Why guess? And those that have a grin are obviously evel and vindictive cause I don’t wish an hour in central booking on my worst enemy, but you know best!

  11. clearly you can’t read, he used a family member card..what I said was if you had such a resource.. that most would more than likely use it

  12. All the haters with skeletons in their closets…come out, come wherever you are…We know who you are!!!. Half the posters are vindictive haters with records, the others are under surveillance. The truth will come out soon enough about you…


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