Man Hit By Q Train This Morning At DeKalb

Man Hit By Q Train This Morning At DeKalb
Photo via a straphanger.

FORT GREENE – Train service was delayed this morning after a 29-year-old man was hit by a southbound Q train from the DeKalb station platform around 9:45 am.

He was taken to Methodist Hospital in serious but stable condition, with lacerations to the head.

Shawn Lipowski, a straphanger at the scene, heard a “single loud thud.” He saw something go under the train, but thought it was a large piece of luggage.

“I walked towards the middle of the platform and a crying woman was saying she thought the guy jumped which is when I realized it was a person,” he told Bklyner.

Almost immediately after the hit, an MTA worker was checking under the train telling the man not to move, Lipowski says; the fire department arrived soon after.

“People were already complaining about the delays as I left.”

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