Man Found Dead in Apartment

Man Found Dead in Apartment

UPDATE: 35-year old Amanda Sylvester, 1776 Union Street, has been arrested in regards to the incident. She has been charged with murder, robbery, and burglary. The deceased victim has been identified as Sean Idlet, 49 years old.

CROWN HEIGHTS – A man was found dead in his apartment on 1248 St. Mark’s Avenue last Friday the 22nd.

Police responded to a call for a robbery at 10:40 am. Upon entering the apartment, officers found the 46-year old victim tied up, face down on the floor, and unconscious.

EMS shortly arrived at the scene where the man was pronounced deceased. The cause of death has not been specified.

The victim has yet not been identified by NYPD and family notification is pending. No arrests have been made and the investigation remains ongoing.