Man Arrested In Fatal Hit And Run Blames Mechanical Failure

Mary Rose Vega holds a photo of her son Angel (image by Matthew Lysiak for News)

One story we missed yesterday was an exclusive interview the Daily News was able to get with charged Staten Island hit and run driver Brian Pittsley.

Pittsley, who was arrested Tuesday near 83rd Street and 18th Avenue, apologized, telling reporters that he panicked and ran from the accident out of fear. He also said that the deadly crash was the result of mechanical failure rather than reckless driving.

From the News:

“I’m sorry,” Brian Pittsley, 25, told the Daily News in an exclusive interview before his arraignment Wednesday. “It was an accident.”
Pittsley, who was collared in Brooklyn on Tuesday after running from the scene, said he panicked after the Eltingville crash.
“There was blood all over my eyes,” he said. “I got scared and I ran.”

Mary Rose Vega, whose son Angel Rivera was killed in Monday’s crash, wasn’t accepting Pittsley’s apology nor his version of events.

“He’s a liar,” Vega said. “I don’t accept his apology. No way. My son is dead.”

According to the latest reports, the Chevy Suburban in which Pittsley was carrying Rivera and six young friends, was knocked off balance after connecting with a 2009 Nissan Sentra. The truck then ricocheted off a parked Chevy Trailblazer,  flipping over in the process.

A judge refused to set bail.

In a lucky turn of events for another of the crash’s victims, Kayla Madden, one of the young passengers being driven by Pittsley – whose arm was to be partially removed – was informed by physicians yesterday that her entire arm will be saved.