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Maksim Gelman, Accused Of Sheepshead Stabbing Spree, Pleads Guilty


Maksim Gelman, suspect in stabbing of Aleksandr Kuznetsov

Maksim Gelman pleaded guilty to killing four people and wounding four more in the 28-hour stabbing spree that began in Sheepshead Bay.

The plea was entered in Brooklyn court this morning.

The guilty plea flies in the face of Gelman’s earlier claims that he would beat the rap by claiming insanity.

““It’s okay, I’ll beat this,” Gelman told an officer before his February arraignment, according to court documents first reported in the Daily News. “I’ll go to a mental hospital for a few years and then I’ll get out on the street again, you’ll see.”

Gelman’s murderous spree began February 11, when he allegedly stabbed his stepfather to death. Over the next 28 hours, authorities say he murdered a female acquaintance and her mother, killed a fourth person in a hit and run, and stabbed a handful of others before his arrest on February 12.

The trail of violence began in Sheepshead Bay – on Emmons Avenue and East 27th Street – before snaking its way up the borough to Eastern Parkway. There, he vanished briefly before resurfacing the next morning on a 3 train in Manhattan, where he stabbed yet another man before being taken down by police.

The Manhattan and Brooklyn incidents are being tried separately. He previously pleaded not guilty to the Manhattan charges.

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  1. btw Ned, you should probably alter that last sentence….

    (where he stabbed yet another man before being taken down by police.)   should be changed to,
    where he stabbed yet another man before being taken down by the man he stabbed.

    cause the pussies that were hiding in the drivers panel don’t deserve credit. at all.

    Did his lawsuit work out for him btw?

  2. Did he plead guilty on his own, expecting some form of leniency, or did they offer him a plea because they were afraid of an insanity verdict?  Perhaps now the life plus with no parole sentences he deserves on each homicide charge should run concurrently instead of consecutively, lol.

  3. Not sure why he pled guilty.  NY doesn’t enforce its death penalty and I doubt he’ll get leniency for his horrific crimes. Oh well, saves the state money. That guy was horrifying, especially knowing how often I pass those condos.


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