Major Pileup At Red Hook’s Criterium Bike Race

Photo by Red Hook Criterium via Facebook

Dozens of cyclists toppled over and piled up on top of one another at the Red Hook Criterium bike race over the weekend.

A spectator recorded the accident that occurred during the women’s portion of the race on Saturday. He told ABC 7 New York that one of the cyclists “may have collided with a traffic cone or camera mount,” causing her to fall and trip up several bicyclists behind her.

The first cyclist’s hitting the ground created a domino effect, sending dozens of bicyclists down landing on top of each other in a dramatic scene.

The Red Hook Criterium race has been happening annually in Red Hook since 2008, with races also taking place in Milan, Barcelona, and London.

Hopefully everybody participating in this weekend’s 5 Boro Bike Tour will have a much safer ride.


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