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N Train Construction (And Wonky Service) To Begin On January 18

graffiti train
Photo by Rachel Silberstein/Bensonhurst Bean

Southern Brooklyn’s decrepit N line stations will finally get some TLC this month, but unfortunately that comes with a price for local commuters.

The first half of the MTA’s planned four-year renovation of the long-neglected subway line will begin on January 18, reports the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, which means the following northbound subway platforms will be out of service for 14 months:

  • Eighth Avenue
  • Fort Hamilton Parkway
  • New Utrecht Avenue
  • 18th Avenue
  • 20th Avenue
  • Bay Parkway
  • Kings Highway
  • Avenue U
  • 86th Street

In other words, the Manhattan-bound N train will only be making express stops at Eighth Avenue and Bay Parkway, where temporary platforms will be set up.

Passengers who commute to work via the N train at Fort Hamilton Parkway, New Utrecht Avenue, 18th Avenue, or 20th Avenue stations will have to take the downtown train to Bay Parkway, and then transfer to a Manhattan-bound train.

Riders who get on at Kings Highway, Avenue U, and 86th Street will have to take a southbound train to the Stillwell Avenue station, and transfer to the northbound express N.

n line construction
Photo by Bensonhurst Bean

On the other hand, these are some of changes we can expect to see on N line platforms when the work is complete:

  • New lighting
  • New platforms
  • Repairs to arches and parapet walls
  • Rehabilitation of interior and exterior walls
  • New artwork
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Upgraded communication systems
  • Repaired or replaced of stairs
  • New mezzanine floors
  • Doors and windows
  • Repairs to platform canopies
  • A fresh coat of graffiti-proof paint

“We are aware of  inconvenience this may cause customers, but we ask your patience as we undertake this important project to repair the nine stations along the N line,” said MTA spokesperson Marisa Baldeo.

Once Manhattan-bound platforms are refurbished, construction will begin on the Coney Island-bound platforms, screwing up your after-work commute.

Correction: A previous version of this story misstated the subway stations that will have temporary Manhattan-bound platforms set up. It also omitted two extra stations that will be closed for the renewal project.

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  1. Please clarify: will Manhattan-bound trains be stopping at 86th Street or not? You (and the Brooklyn Eagle) say they will and won’t.

  2. Just to be clear, North and South bound trains will stop at Bay parkway and 8th Ave and skip the rest because those 2 stations have temporary platforms set up?

  3. No. For the first 14 months, only the above mentioned Manhattan-bound platforms will be closed. Then construction will begin on the Brooklyn-bound side.

  4. Ha! The N train has been running with “wonky service” for decades. Regular passengers probably won’t even notice a difference. ☺

  5. Do we know at least a time frame for the alternate entrances to be reopened? More specifically, the Ave O side of the Bay Parkway station.

  6. The crowds are going to be insane during rush hour.. The platforms for Bay Parkway and 8th Ave seem too narrow.. Plus not much cover in case of rain.

  7. Nevermind, found out it was closed from July to January 15th, so with the opening of the temporary platform comes the reopening of the second entrance.

  8. Hi Rachel, why didn’t they build a cover over those 2 temporary platforms at 8th Ave and Bay Parkway? People will be hit by rain and the snow will pile up in the winter months, possibly causing people to slip on the snow or stand in 1 foot snow while waiting for the trains to come.


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