Madison H.S. Teachers Busted In Naked Romp

Brito, left, and Mauro, right, were caught naked in a classroom. (Photo courtesy of Daily News)
Brito, left, and Mauro, right, were caught naked in a classroom. (Photo courtesy of Daily News)

Two female teachers at James Madison High School were caught naked in a classroom while students enjoyed a talent show down the hall, Daily News is reporting.

The romance language instructors were placed on administrative leave while the Education Department investigates for misconduct.

According to Daily News, Cindy Mauro, a 33-year-old Spanish teacher, and Alini Brito, a 29-year-old married French instructor, were caught by a janitor “undressed” in an empty classroom. Rumors had been circulating among the students for some time, but school administrators kept the relationship under wraps for fear of controversy, some students say.

Teachers and administrators at the school have refused to comment.

Here are what some students and others told the Daily News:

“Now you guys wished we installed cameras in our classrooms after all hmm?” wrote one student.
Janitor Robert Colantuoni refused to comment Tuesday. “I can’t talk about it, I’m sorry,” he said.
Brito’s husband, reached by phone, said he was unaware of the accusations, but denied them.
“The school district has not informed my wife of these allegations and they are untrue,” he said.
Students said both teachers were popular.
“[Ms. Mauro] was pretty fun,” said junior Eddie Ramirez, 18.
“She dressed like a teenage girl – she’d wear low-cut tops, shorts, three-quarter length jeans. She was kinda sexy.
“You could see that she was the kind of person who would flirt.”
Students said Mauro dyed some of her hair pink over the summer and has an array of sexy tattoos: a sun on her lower back, a flower on her leg, and a star on her foot.
Brito opted for more demure attire.
“She’s pretty,” said one 17-year-old who took French with her.
“Mrs. Brito was good-looking. Oh, yeah!”
A 16-year-old sophomore said Brito was a teacher students would come to with problems.
“She usually dresses elegant, looks smart,” he said. “She’s good-looking. And she was friendly, not flirty, just friendly.”
Students said gossip about the romp was flying through the school, where staff members were trying to keep a lid on it.
“The teachers don’t even want you to bring it up because they say they’ll get in trouble if we’re talking about it in class,” Eddie Ramirez said.


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