Luxury Dental Office Coming to Ave Z

1724 Ave Z: Tamada awning replaced with Luxury Dental, P.C.

Looks like the building at the corner of Avenue Z and East 18th Street will finally have a new tenant.

After what seemed like years, the burgundy awning for Tamada Restaurant – which served Georgian food – has been replaced with a bright sign of a cartoon tooth holding a toothbrush. That means we’re getting a new dental office – and since Sheepshead Bay is the home of a luxury day care center, it makes sense that there should be a luxury dental center. Okay, okay – so, it’s not exactly a grand opening of a luxury dental center in Sheepshead Bay. Dr. Vadim Firdman – the toothman of this new joint – is only making a move from his 1607 Sheepshead Bay Road location.

We’re not sure when the first appointments are getting made, but if you get in to see Dr. Vadim Firdman put in a good word for us. Sheepshead Bites’ teeth could use a little dental work, especially a little luxury cleaning  on the house.