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Luv My Vision Optique Opens at 1702 Sheepshead Bay Road

Luv My Vision Optique is now located at 1702 Sheepshead Bay Road. Photo by Erica Sherman

In February we reported that Galit Couture, a bridal dress and evening wear designer that occupied the corner of 1702 Sheepshead Bay Road for more than a decade, “has packed up its frilly goods and high-tailed it over to Shat On Staten Island.”

Ned speculated that the location was freed up to become yet another “sushi restaurant. Perhaps a cell phone store. Maybe even a pharmacy!” Ding, ding, ding — incorrect.

In short time, the corner location was gutted and transformed into a bright and modern-looking eyeglass store called “Luv My Vision Optique.” According to the sign in their window, they’re also hiring, so if you’re seeking retail employment, give them a call at (718) 648-4200.

Welcome to the ’hood, Luv My Vision. We wish you all the best.

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  1. On one of the opening days this place had a speaker outside blasting house music with three guys outside smoking cigs, dressed in suits, that looked like they were part of the Russian mafia. Granted not one person was inside… hmm… I wonder why?! They would have more people come in if they just hired a hot girl to stand inside the store and smile.

  2. I saw that,they are trating it like a a gold chain/smoke shop on fulton street.And the guys look like car salesmen.They def need to hire a chick

  3. And its expensive. The cheapest is $350 a pair. Maybe after pawning off some items at the new pawn shops that opened,  I can afford to shop in this glorious store for improving your vision. 

  4. Its about time that a high class optical comes into the neighborhood.  This is not one of the opticals that are all around brooklyn.  When I went in there, I felt like I was in the city on Madison or Park avenue.   

  5. I visited this location this past weekend to get my eyeglass prescription filled and I fell in love with this store the atmosphere was amazing. Got myself Dita eyeglasses i havent seen them in brooklyn at all I see it only in the city.  The sales people were very proffesional and not pushy at all that was very important to me. The prices were great they threw in free coating that was very nice of them. Overall I am very happy they came to the neighborhood. I definalty recomend this place. (Asmirno) I didnt see anyone standing outside and smoking I walk by there twice a day.

  6.  sounds like an insider related to the owners, these guys are sleezbags from an optical inside a pharmacy on brighton beach, and we already have so many great opticals on sheepshead bay that sell stuff just as glamorous and have products in all price ranges

  7. Hello this is the manager of LuvMyVision I’m writing this to say if anybody thinks to write anything bad about us just doesn’t understand that we are a high end boutique that have several locations worldwide (not on Brighton beach ave). We would like to thank everyone for there great testimonials about us. Thank you

  8. As I drove through Sheepshead Bay, I noticed a very
    attractive store front. Once walking in, the sales person was very attentive
    and helpful. The prices are not too bad and you can always discuss prices to
    fit your budget. I already called a few people and spoke highly about this cool
    new location. Speaking poorly about a brand new business is pathetic. I have
    high hopes for LUVMYVISION!!!! Good luck and welcome 😉

  9. The store, owner, employees & product are all top knotch! My 1st visit was with my best friend, the gentlemen were very helpful & not pushy. It was a nice change from some of the other places I’ve done business with in the past. She bought a great pair of glasses & is very happy with the whole experience. I should also mention that she is somewhat hard to impress & please, so it’s a good sign. I even trusted this place enough to refer my family there. My mom has since bought several pairs of glasses, is extremely pleased with the glasses & the service, even after there were a few small issues that were resolved immediately! As for guys standing outside & smoking, last time I checked, people are allowed to take coffee, smoke & lunch breaks, so hating on them for something that has nothing to do with how they treat customers is a non-issue. Welcome to the neighborhood, looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future!

  10. We are very pleased you had a great experience shopping at LuvMyVision, looking forward to serving you and your family in the near future!!!

  11. Very pleased to hear you had a great experience by us, looking forward to serving you in the near future, thanks!!!!!

  12. i know right just so happens to be nice 2 long comments in a row for these imposters lol


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