Lunchtime Links

Lunchtime Links

A crossroads for New Yorkers in various stages of transition (moving in! moving out! moving up!), IKEA may be the most poetic superstore in Brooklyn. This month, Brooklyn-based theater collective the Artful Conspirators puts the passion of the Swedish giant onstage with Leaving Ikea, a relationship drama “in two cantos,” [The L Magazine]

It’s an open secret that the New York Public schools are partially funded by parent organizations, which raise the money to hire staff the cash-strapped schools couldn’t afford on their own. On Friday, WNYC and the New York Times published new numbers showing that Park Slope is topping the fundraising charts — good news for neighborhood students, disturbing news for the future of equal-access public education. [SchoolBook]

The owner of an abandoned house on 2nd St between 6th and 7ths Aves has commissioned an artist to “go to town” on the building’s walls, Big Orange Splot-style, which is either really exciting or really not-exciting, depending on your feelings toward floral murals. [Brownstoner]


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