Central Brooklyn

The Down-Low: MTA reveals Plan To Deal With ‘Summer Of Hell’ & Other Stories You Shouldn’t Miss

(Photo via Flatbush Fest/Facebook)

The Down-Low is our round-up of stories in our neck of the woods as well as other curiosities all over Brooklyn.

-MTA reveals plan to deal with ‘summer of hell’ [Crain’s New York]

-The Lice Ladies of Brooklyn Go Corporate [New York Times]

-Here’s what the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ house looks like today [New York Post]

-Transit Union Endorses Brooklyn-to-Queens BQX Streetcar Plan [DNAinfo]

-Preparing for Coney Island’s annual Mermaid Parade is a big job [amNY]

-The World’s Most Charming, Useless Bodega [CityLab]

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