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Here's Some Money To Love Your Block With


Ever felt like that overgrown lot on your block could be spruced up with a garden? Or maybe you think some speed bump surveys need to be done? Or heck, perhaps a few trees need to be pruned

Well, you don’t have to wait around for the city to do something about it. Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo forwarded us some details about a great city program to empower neighborhoods at the grassroots level to take things into their own hands.

The Mayor’s NYC Service division and Citizens Committee for New York City are in their third year of awarding Love Your Block grants, providing volunteer-led community groups with up to $1,000 for projects to enhance and revitalize their streets.

Here’s a bit from the initiative’s website:

Existing and newly-formed groups such as block, tenant, and civic associations, as well as community gardening and school gardening groups, are invited to apply. Officials from city agencies such as the Departments of Transportation, Sanitation, and Parks & Recreation engage with group members and listen to their block improvement requests. The city agencies then proceed to carry out the requested services which may include anything from repairing damaged or missing street signs/streetlights to a replacement of worn-out/missing litter baskets to conducting tree, bike rack, and speed bump surveys. With grant money, the selected groups purchase equipment and supplies and roll up their sleeves to carry out their own brand of block beautification and repair, whether it be painting a mural or sprucing up the length of the block with brand-new planters and saplings.

There’s an information session in Manhattan tomorrow, and applications are due by November 15. Get all the information on the Citizens Committee website.

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  1. You know how they say… If you dont do it, no one else will.

    Back in the good old days of the Soviet Union, we had couple of days in the year that were called “Leninskiy Subotnik” which translates roughly in to Lenin’s Saturday, on Lenin’s Saturday people would come out and plant trees, clean up sidewalks and parks.

  2. So this is either a great leap forward or an admission by NYC government that we can’t really rely on them to fix simple problems in our community. They collect taxes and we do the work!

  3. If planting a garden is a good idea, do it yourself. Having King Bloomberg drop $1K bills to do so is waste of tax dollars. And I thought he was about to layoff firefighters and teachers and cancel another NYPD class. Does this rich effete snob have any sense of what is a priority and what’s not? This is not.

  4. Let’s start with partnering with city agencies and having residents take more ownership of their blocks. I’ll go with great leap forward! Citizens Committee looks forward to receiving your group’s grant application!

  5. No, but you can apply for a grant so that you and your group can create signage indicating that you’d like your neighbors to curb their dogs. I look forward to receiving your application!

  6. When I called “311” and was transfered to the Sanitation Department I was told these signs were no longer available.
    Just where am I applying to?!

  7. I pick up shit and papers on my block several times a week.
    I have had graffiti removed from my area with the help of the 61 pct.
    I have done much more also.
    You make it sound like someone might listen. Is this your experience? It is not mine.
    I am at the point of F’em if they can’t take a joke.
    Got my drift?
    Sorry if I seem curt or abrupt but these problems have gone on forever.
    Let someone who can do something about it come help me clean up the dog and people shit then I will try an application.


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