What The Cluck? Did You Lose A Chicken?


PARK SLOPE – Not to ruffle your feathers, but a young chicken was founding clucking around Park Slope. Now, it’s in Nikki Burst’s home waiting for its owner.

It started off like any ordinary day. Burst was walking down 6th Avenue toward the Park Slope Library branch to pick up her daughter yesterday. Then, between 6th and 7th Street she saw what she describes as a “funny looking pigeon.”

“I think it might be seven to eight weeks old. It’s small and doesn’t have all the feathers on its head,” Burst told Bklyner. “It’s a bald chicken.”

When she realized it was a chicken, she picked it up and brought it home. Her daughter Anika has named the chicken “Daisy.”

Daisy the Chicken. (Photo: Nikki Burst)

“At first I thought maybe somebody has a backyard coop and it escaped from there,” Burst said. “But do people even have backyard coops? Maybe it fell off a truck.”

Nevertheless, Burst made a poster in hopes that the chicken can go back to its owner if it has one. In the meantime, Daisy the Chicken is living in a plastic bin that Burst borrowed from her neighbor. There’s a little nest inside the bin and Burst folded a push cart over it. She takes the chicken out of its bin a few times a day to water the nest, and wonders what’ll happen tomorrow as she will not be home.

“The chicken is very noisy,” she said. “We put a towel over the top of the bin to let it sleep last night. And it worked.”

Burst has no experience taking care of chickens. When she was younger, her mom had chicks in the backyards. But she wasn’t able to care for them as the neighbor’s cat got to them first. But regardless, this is all pretty bizarre, she says.

If this is your lost chicken, please do reach out to Burst at the number on the poster–don’t be a chicken!

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