Looking For De Blasio Or Weiner? We Found ‘Em

If you’re looking to get answers from Public Advocate Bill de Blasio or Congressman Anthony Weiner, now’s your chance. But just realize – it’s one or the other, ’cause you can’t get both this Monday.

Both of the high-profile speakers are appearing in Manhattan Beach tomorrow, but at separate places.

First up, Congressman Anthony Weiner will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting to discuss U.S.-Israeli Relations at 7:30 p.m. at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center located at 60 West End Avenue.

Meanwhile, the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association booked de Blasio to answer residents’ questions and “take our concerns to the Mayor and City Council and fight for our needs.” De Blasio is expected to discuss issues including tax increases, crime, service cuts, and quality of life issues. This forum is a rescheduling of MBNA’s March 1st meeting, which was postponed due to a broken water pipe at the school. It’s being held at P.S. 195 (131 Irwin Street) at 8:00 p.m.