Looking for a Few Good Little League Players, Ages 7–14

Looking for a Few Good Little League Players, Ages 7–14

The SFX Huskies, Photo credit: Amber Ceffalio

Brooklyn’s St. Francis Xavier youth sports league has limited roster spots for all the SFX Huskies summer travel teams, which means that there’s still time for baseball fiends between the ages of  7 and 14 to get in on the action.

Games will start mid-July and run through the end of August, with all Huskies summer teams playing at least one doubleheader per weekend and one game during the week. Some teams play in multiple leagues and/or go away to out-of-town weekend tournaments.

In addition to the games, all Huskies practice at least once a week, generally (and conveniently) Park Slope or downtown Brooklyn. And while the schedule is intense, it’s still summer, after all — being away on vacation for “a limited period” this summer doesn’t disqualify prospective players from consideration.

For more info, contact the appropriate Huskies coach based on your child’s age as of May 1, 2012:

7 or 8: Melvin Martinez, 917.749.1969, melvincoachm@aol.com
9: Rich Lewis, 646.344.0789, rlewis@reedsmith.com
10: Johnny Ceffalio, 347.572.3158, jpceffalio@yahoo.com
11: Tony Correia, 646.261.8818, tcorr13@aol.com
12: Tommy McGovern, 347.409.2231, bklyn222@gmail.com
13: Gil Morales, 718.986.6720, gilmorales65@aol.com
14: Anthony Marino, 347.432.0531, am@anthonymarinostudio.com

More general concerns? Email SFX Huskies Travel Director Steve Reiser at steve.reiser@dowjones.com.