Look Who Got A New Sign

Did you know that when this building, at 3121 Ocean Avenue, was originally built, it won awards for design? That’s what the architect told us when we ran into him a few months back.

So you’d think maybe they’d give it a paint job before they put the sign up. You know, gussy up the joint a bit; restore some of its glory.

Well, maybe this is a temporary sign. I didn’t bother to ask. Or maybe they’re waiting to get more money, since the city keeps stripping funds from public healthcare. I guess it’s better they spend the dough on something that’ll save someone’s life.

Anyway, in case you don’t remember, Maimonides reclaimed the building in the beginning of May. Before that, Coney Island Hospital owned it, but shut it down because of said healthcare cuts. And before Coney Island Hospital, it was converted from Beefsteak Charlie’s by Maimonides. Maybe when Maimonides is done with it, it’ll turn back into a Beefsteak Charlie’s and we can gather ’round and sing “Circle of Life.”

Just don’t expect to see the famous peel-n-eat shrimp anytime soon.

UPDATE [11:09 p.m.]: BrooklynQ was right; they fixed up the paint sometime after I took the above photo. It’s still kinda iffy looking all around, but it’s better than it was before; I’m glad the spot is back in use. Here’s how the sign looks post-paint job:

Maimonides Sheepshead Bay Multi Specialty Practice


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