Look Out For This Guy Swiping Packages From Neighbors’ Doorsteps


Cops are on the lookout for a man who swiped a UPS package from a neighbor’s doorstep Wednesday afternoon.

A reader sent us security footage of the thief pulling car doorhandles outside a home near East 22nd Street and Avenue Z. He then strolls up the house’s front door and snatches a package that had been left by UPS an hour earlier. The timestamp says the crime took place around 10:30am. However, the neighbor said the security system is six hours slow and the theft actually occurred around 4:30pm.

Police say the package contained a a $14 t-shirt.

Last year, the commanding officer for the 61st Precinct, Sheepshead Bay’s station house, said the neighborhood experienced a jump in “opportunity crimes” — often perpetrated by drug addicts looking for an easy way to make a few bucks. He advised residents to make sure their doors are always locked and to always call police to report a crime or suspicious activity.

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  1. Actually crime is way down in the 61st precinct so far this year. Some people will call the cops for any reason. It is ridiculous to involve the Police in a matter that involves a mere $14.

  2. One possible solution for these “opportunity crimes” is to booby-trap a faux UPS package with one of those exploding dye packs used by banks to foil bank robberies. The manufacturers probably won’t sell these to ordinary folks, but they should be easy to make, as would be packages containing canisters of pepper spray, or spring-loaded boxes of bedbugs or cockroaches, that would be triggered upon the package being opened, or perhaps some kind of electronic shock generator, like a common stun gun, attached to conductive materials inside the outer package, or simply a loud air horn alarm that can’t be turned off by the perp. Since some devices, like stun guns, might be illegal, and since perps have been known to sue their victims if injured during the commission of an otherwise non-violent crime, it would be best to omit any markings, or even fingerprints, that might identify you as the source. And, of course, don’t actually ship the package to yourself, because, if it should discharge during shipment, or be found during a routine anti-terrorism package check, you, and the carrier, could have some problems, Oh, and hope that the perp isn’t simply following delivery trucks to grab what they deliver, as they would be less likely to notice a package already sitting on your porch, and, of course, hope that the perp isn’t just your neighbor’s wayward kid, as you may have some ‘splainin’ to do when it goes off in your neighbor’s living room. Good luck, and good hunting, er, trapping! 😉

  3. I think that it is appaling that the homeowner involved the cops in this matter, so I definetly agree that your solution in this case is much better. The alleged perp is probably friends with the neighbor’s son or daughter. Moreover, the kids probably do drugs together and more likely than not they are all Russians. Believe me, if the Russian homeowners had the foreclosure rates of homeowners in minority neighborhoods or the foreclosure rates of homeowners in most majority White suburbian neighborhoods, they would then fake a burglary in order to get some insurance money.

  4. Today it’s a $14 T-Shirt and tomorrow it’s a $1000 laptop or more. Had a package stolen from my door step, also reported and they eventually found the guy. He managed to hit 20+ homes before he was found.

  5. This is what’s going on in this neighborhood. Going on for some time now. I had a package taking twice from the front of my home. So beware of your deliveries.
    Its disgusting what if you can not afford a camera???

  6. The problem is if the thief knows that you set him up, he might seek revenge. So you either need to be sneaky about it, not so obvious. Or you need a spring loaded knife to make sure he doesn’t rob again.

  7. Just to be clear, I don’t mean a knife to hurt or kill the guy necessarily, but to let him know that a real crazy SOB lives at the address that even he wants to stay away fr0m it.

  8. Statistics help the Police Precinct obtain needed manpower and resources, so by Gennady covering up crime, it gives the City Fathers a false sense of security as to what is going on in our neighborhood. Report all crimes, make things safe for all.

  9. I called 911 on these two guys two months ago. 3pm and they are walking up and down the street pulling on door handles and if ones open he goes inside and ransacks the contents. One of the guys wears a backpack to stash their loot. They were even seen going down driveways check car doors. Unfortunately the police arrived too late to catch them.

  10. But you see how before he lifted the package, he tested the handles of car doors to see if anyone had left one open. Surely he might have taken refuge in a car, where he could have surprised the car owner in a fashion far more criminal than a $14 tee shirt.

    This area now has homeless people wandering around everywhere. Why not, when shelters are being cleaned during the day, can’t the city offer these poor people — because, seriously, there but for the grace; that guy and any other homeless person or addict could be any one of us — a place like a classroom in Kingsbay Community, where they could learn something? Somewhere to go during the day?

    There is a chance that a Federal Halfway House for newly released prisoners might soon be opening up in this neighborhood, too, believe it or not.

    The way this neighborhood is neglected and abused by various levels of government is truly sickening. As someone who grew up here I can attest to the overwhelming stink that once pervaded the air. Better now, for the most part. And a recent article published here has clarified how what once was an excellent public high school (SBHS), which has graduated the kind of people who work at CERN, for example, was turned into a school for teens teachers in other high schools couldn’t or didn’t want to deal with…and that has led to principals and teacher problems, and come May there will be no such thing as SBHS.

    This theft of a $14 tee shirt, in other words, is a big deal. It is a crime that indicates a downward turn in the overall quality of life in this neighborhood. It is not just a statistic. Million-dollar housing sales don’t prove anything. Empty stores, dirty streets, homeless beggars, petty crimes, the lack of a good public high school in the immediate area — these are signs of neglect. This has been happening slowly over the last few decades. I won’t blame one administration or politician, except maybe for those politicians who have been found guilty of crimes against the state, a not so distant state senator, for example.

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