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Loehmann’s Doors Closed For Good



Loehmann’s discount clothing store at 2027 Emmons Avenue closed for good on Wednesday, wrapping up its seven-week-long closeout sale.

We first announced the impending closure of Loehmann’s in early January, after the retailer filed for bankruptcy and won a court decision permitting it to sell of inventory and holdings.

Thirty-nine stores in all are now closed, ending a nearly 100-year-long presence in the borough where it all began.

The Sheepshead Bay Loehmann’s opened its doors in the 1990s after a long and bitter battle between the property developer and locals who feared it was an inappropriate use of waterfront land. A special zoning district was enacted for the Sheepshead Bay waterfront in the 1970s, reserving the land for waterfront- and tourist-related activities.

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  1. A shame and with the economy the way it is and the amount of space they occupied, the space may be vacant for quite some time; hope not.

  2. I wonder what’s coming next… Zoned (right now) for tourists/waterfront, maybe a hotel or something? I don’t know, the spot has potential


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