Locals Say Emmons Ave, Bedford Ave Intersection Need Better Traffic Safety Controls

Following another car accident at the intersection of Emmons Avenue and Bedford Avenue, neighbors are renewing their calls for improved traffic safety measures before someone loses their life.

On Sunday, September 2, two cars collided as an eastbound vehicle traveling on Emmons Avenue sought to turn up Bedford Avenue, and a westbound car slammed into it. No one was seriously injured, but at least one group is saying it’s an ongoing problem.

“Vehicles driving east on Emmons that need to turn north onto Bedford will find it impossible to see cars traveling west on Emmons. Then, ‘WHAM….CRASH,'” said Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association member Tom Paolillo, who told Sheepshead Bites about the accident and sent in the accompanying photo. “It is a regular occurrence.”

Paolillo said the corner needs a turn signal and a “No Parking Anytime” setback to prevent cars from parking at the end of the median so that oncoming cars can be seen during a turn.

The Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association said they’ve been grousing about the problem for years to the city, but to no avail.

“They say there are not enough accidents and injuries on that corner,” said SBPB Civic President Kathy Flynn. “We have submitted it several times.”

The city publishes accident statistics by precinct on its website monthly, but only the prior month’s statistics are available. Currently, the website appears to be several months behind, but shows that there were two accidents at the intersection in June. These statistics only account for accidents in which a police report is made. If officers are not called to the scene, or show up after the parties have left, no report is filed.

Sheepshead Bites has reported on several accidents at the location, including a three-car accident that left one vehicle on the sidewalk, and another accident in which an SUV flipped over. In the former incident, our tipster, another neighbor not connected to the civic group, noted the same problem as Paolillo, saying:

Almost every week an accident happens on that corner because those who want to make a left turn onto Bedford Ave cannot see the oncoming traffic. The DOT either needs to install an additional left turn traffic light (like it did at Ocean and SB Rd) or put up a No Standing sign on W-bound Emmons Ave 25 ft before the corner.

Flynn said that the SBPB Civic Association will discuss the matter at tonight’s meeting, which takes place at 7:30 p.m. at The Waterford on the Bay (2900 Bragg Street).


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