Local Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Ella Kirkland!

From Yournabe.com:

What’s her secret? Boasting age-defying good looks and a svelte figure, Sheepshead Bay birthday gal Ella Kirkland turned 100 years young, celebrating the milestone occasion with relatives and friends at Buckley’s Restaurant.
Resplendent in a white skirt suit and pearls, the pretty centenarian held court at the fine dining establishment, 2926 Avenue S, where she blew out the candles on her birthday cake amid a throng of loved ones.
Ms. Kirkland bears the distinction of being the oldest living member of the First Baptist Church of Sheepshead Bay, 2349 East 15th Street, where her father, Daniel Kirkland, was one of the first deacons after the house of worship was organized in 1899.