Local Winners From Election Day

After a long night, the winners for our local districts have been announced. Looks like all of the incumbents held their places:

  • Democratic State Senator Diane Savino held onto her seat against Republican Lisa Grey in the 23 District, with 75.7 percent to 24.3 percent of the vote.
  • In District 11, Republican Michael Grimm beat out Democrat Mark Murphy, 52.6 percent to 46.4 percent.
  • In District 22, State Senator Marty Golden wins over Demorat Andrew Gounardes, 58.1 percent to 41.9 percent.
  • Democrat Jerrold Nadler held onto his seat in District 10 against Republican Michael Chan, with 80 percent to 20 percent of the vote.

Update (9:52 a.m.):

  • District 47’s Councilman William Colton beat Republican James Rippa, with 74.2 percent of the vote.
  • Peter Abbate was uncontested and held his seat in the 49th District.