Local Soccer League Wins Citywide Championship

Players from the Chernomorets Soccer Club accept their award (Source: First Chernomorets USA)

The Brighton Beach-based Chernomorets Soccer Club wrote to us, boasting of their latest achievement: their players once again emerged victorious at the New York Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League Championship in the under-16 category.

“Every year we are winners in Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League in different categories. This award is a result of everyday hardworking practice, enthusiasm and dedication,” said one of the team coaches, Matvei Cherkassky. “We have very talented children and it always pleasure to work with them.”

The Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League is one of the oldest soccer leagues in the city, established in 1933. The championships bring together clubs from all around the five boroughs to compete.

Chernomorets notes that its club, made up of more than 250 boys and girls aged 5 to 18 years old, has not only taken home the trophy at this championship several years in a row, but has also sent club alumni to professional and collegiate teams in the U.S. and abroad. One graduate currently plays for the New York Red Bulls.

Congratulations to Chernomorets! We wish you many more years of victory.

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