Local Schools Receive Passing Grades

Source: District 21 via Facebook

Every year schools across New York receive report card grades, much like the ones they send schoolkids home with.

According to the Schools.nyc.gov website, which releases the reports, here’s how the schools’ grading system is broken down:

Progress Reports help parents, teachers, principals, and school communities understand schools’ strengths and weaknesses. Progress Reports grade each school with an A, B, C, D, or F and are based student progress (60%), student performance (25%), and school environment (15%). Scores are based on comparing results from one school to a peer group of up to 40 schools with the most similar student population and to all schools citywide.

Here are the District 21 high school progress grades for some of the schools in our area:

  • 21K337 International High School at Lafayette (2630 Benson Avenue): B
  • 21K348 High School of Sports Management (2630 Benson Avenue)
  • C21K468 Kingsborough Early College School (2630 Benson Avenue) B
  • 21K540 John Dewey High School (50 Avenue X) B
  • 21K559 Life Academy High School for Film and Music (2630 Benson Avenue) B
  • 21K572 Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders (2630 Benson Avenue) B
  • 21K690 Brooklyn Studio Secondary School (8310 21st Avenue) B

No “A” grades in the area, unfortunately, but it does seem that Dewey is maintaining their good grades, which is great news for Dewy supporters and staff.


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