Local Pols Oppose Upcoming “Anti-Israeli Event” Sponsored By Brooklyn College


From the offices of Council Members Lew Fidler and David Greenfield:

Council Members Lew Fidler and David Greenfield, along with several of their Council colleagues representing diverse backgrounds and parts of the City, mailed a letter today to the President of Brooklyn College, Karen Gould, objecting to her school hosting and ‘co-sponsoring’ a “BDS Movement Against Israel” event, on February 7th. The Council Members criticized the school for officially supporting viewpoints they described as “either anti-semitic or simply ignorant” and that “promote the worst kind of hate.”

At this event, the boycotting, divestment and sanctioning of Israel will be called for. Two of the invited speakers reportedly have a history of troubling and hateful statements, such as equating Israelis with Nazis and describing the terrorist organizations of Hamas and Hezbollah as socially progressive movements. Even worse, the event lists Brooklyn College’s Political Science Department as an official “co-sponsor” of the event, giving it a stamp of legitimacy and official approval that such a wrongful event does not deserve.

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Councilman Fidler said, “I understand the right of students to express their various viewpoints, no matter how much I may disagree with them. A line is crossed, however, when the school itself is painting a veneer of legitimacy over something that is so clearly offensive to me and to so many of the people in our community. This event is wrong, their viewpoint is wrong and the event being co-sponsored by school itself is doubly wrong.”

“I share the anger and shock of many of my constituents and colleagues who are appalled that Brooklyn College would deem it appropriate to sponsor and host this type of hateful, offensive event. I am especially disappointed in the lack of judgment from Brooklyn College’s administration. Institutions like Brooklyn College that rely on public funding and support must ensure they do not serve as an outlet for groups spreading divisive, odious anti-Israel messages,” said Councilman Greenfield.

The CUNY schools, including Brooklyn College, heavily rely on funding from the tax dollars of the State and City of New York. Every year these schools ask their local legislators for additional funding to support programs and events. The Council Members expressed their belief that events such as this one are not what the taxpayers of New York City – many of whom would feel demonized and targeted by this event – would want their tax dollars spent on.

The Council Members have called on President Gould to either cancel this event or remove any official sponsorship or support.

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  1. In all fairness, I do remember Meir Kahane speaking at Brooklyn College when I was a student there years ago. Isn’t this along the same lines?

  2. Hey genius! I said “years ago”. I went to Brooklyn College between 1987-1991. What didn’t you understand from my initial comment?

  3. How is bringing light to Israels appauling war crimes and human right violation Anti Semitism and Anti American. You pay your taxes? Congradulations!

  4. Not in a million years! let the Jews whine and bitch as the light of truth exposes them for what they are to the world. A new generation of studens can surely benefit from a dose of reality.

  5. Even though I oppose people bringing their shit to our soil, they have they own countries for that, we do have this little thing called First Amendment and just because Jews don’t like it, doesn’t mean the event can’t be held.

  6. And what are they to the world?

    All this opposition to Anti-Israel events, accusing someone who speaks bad about Israel of being an ‘anti-semite’ and things like that, it’s all from the Zionists and their ideology.

    Zionist ideology/Israel makes Jews look terrible to the whole world, makes anti-semitism much worse.

    Here’s a resource to check out if you’re interested – http://www.jewsnotzionists.org/

  7. The issue is that the political science department is sponsoring the event. Individual campus groups are allowed and do have events of various political outlooks all the time. Do you think if the political science dept. sponsored an event called “How the rise of Islam threatens human freedom and life all over the Globe” the administration of Bklyn College would actually allow the event to go on?? Of course not, its not politically correct. Israel bashing, however, is always in style…


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