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Local Pols Honor Amity School’s Karate Kids


Two weeks ago, we told you about how Amity’s students kicked butt at at the U.S. National Karate Championships, racking up 13 medals for the 3867 Shore Parkway private school. Now, local politicians have taken note, and converged on the school on Wednesday to honor the feisty fighters.

Congresswoman Yvette Clark, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz and Assemblyman Alain Maisel visited Brooklyn Amity School to congratulate the students of Amity School for representing New York in the nation’s biggest karate championship. Amity’s students, ranging in age for 6 to 17, won five gold, five silver and three bronze medals, and local pols credited the students and their teacher, Meral Olmez, a two-time world champion, for their hard work.

“These young martial artists from Brooklyn Amity School’s after-school karate program have made all of us here in Southern Brooklyn so proud,” Cymbrowitz said. “Congratulations to all of these students who so ably competed with the utmost sportsmanship, to Sensei Olmez for believing in her young students, and to the Brooklyn Amity School, which has once again proven its commitment to excellence.”

“I want to congratulate the students of the Brooklyn Amity School and Sensei Meral Olmez on their success in this year’s USA National Karate Championships,” added Clarke. “With a win of 13 medals, Brooklyn was well-represented by this group of young athletes who were able to demonstrate great skill, ability and a strong drive for excellence.”

Photos courtesy of Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz.

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  1. Did ANY of these POLS notice the disrespectful way Our Flag is hanging over the canopy at the entrance to the school, sometimes hanging down, most times wind blown half hanging half laying on top of the canopy!!!! Our flag should be on a FLAGPOLE and if its left out overnight only with a LIGHT on it, otherwise it should be taken down folded and kept SAFE for use the next day !!!!! 

  2.  Sarcasm or stupidity? Who gives a shit about the flag?

    On a side note, those muslim girls in the back can take all the karate classes they want, their family will still give them a black eye if they even think of taking those hijabs off.

  3. If you check with any VFW they will tell you that during wartime it is right and proper to fly the flag 24/7. Light or no light. Take a look around at regular public schools and you will see that many of them have kept it flying all night since the wars in Iraq and Afganistan began.

  4.  Patriotism is third in line to breeding ignorance, surpassed only by religion and racism. Such reverence to a piece of cloth… I’d gladly use it as toilet paper.

  5. You will use American flag as toilet paper? You really need to move to North Korea or Iran if hate America so much!

  6. I hope you find yourself in some backwoods country where there is no toilet paper, then you might appreciate what you ignorantly have. Ass-wipe.

  7. You have the nerve to live in the USA with that attitude?  You are not only arrogant, but ignorant to the fact that you live in the best place in the world.  Go to Iran or Afghanistan and tell them that you want to use their flag s toilet paper – I can practically guarantee that you won’t be alive to even think about trying to do it. 

  8. I must have misread the article.  From the comments, one would think it is about U.S. Code Title 4, Chapter 1:
    Again, the darn Big Government with their stifling regulations!

    But I will go with my understanding of the article:
    Congratulations to these outstanding young Americans and warm wishes!


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