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Local Pols To Hold Gun Buyback Event Saturday – No Questions Asked!


The following was sent to us by Councilman Mark Treyger’s office, one of the elected officials sponsoring a gun buyback event this Saturday, May 31, in Coney Island. Details below.


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  1. So a bunch of criminals will be handing in guns that they have used in crimes and get paid for it. Also great opportunity for someone to steal guns and get a few dollars for it. Heads up if you have a real “assault rifle” its probably worth 20 grand. Who is paying for this buyback? Is there any proof or stats that shows buybacks work? Its also illegal to walk around with a gun, these pols are asking people to walk around with these dangerous weapons and break the law. What if the gun just goes off and kills a hundred people in seconds? Why do you feel you need to post this on the site just because a pol sent it to you? Why not make this into a story and get some facts about buybacks instead?

  2. Still confused why a regular rifle pays $20 while an “assault” rifle pays $200? What’s the difference between the two? Ned, please enlighten us!


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