Local Poets Showcase: Carol Ragab, Irene Romanovsky And Leona Garber

Local Poets Showcase: Carol Ragab, Irene Romanovsky And Leona Garber

This is the first of our Local Poets Showcase, which will be featured here every Saturday morning. We are starting off strong with three amazing local poets: Carol Ragab, Irene Romanovsky, and Leona Garber.

Photo via Flickr/Mike Babcock
Photo via Flickr/Mike Babcock

Primal Disconnect by Carol Ragab

The baby cried itself to sleep
And in the morning looked around
Nothing had changed
The crib bars still trapped her
And she felt all alone

A woman now cries herself to sleep
And in the morning looks around
Everything has changed
But she feels all alone
Imprisoned still, by that crib long ago

Photo via Flickr/pawpaw67
Photo via Flickr/pawpaw67

Untitled by Irene Romanovsky

Sometimes late at night when I think of you
I smile to myself about the things we used to doLike walking through the park hand in handOr making castles in the sandEating ice cream or watching a flickYou patting my forehead when I was sickI miss you so muchYour passing still painfulI named my son after youMy grandpa, my grishinkaMy son’s name is Gabriel

Photo via Flickr/Adobe stock
Photo via Flickr/Adobe stock

Dad by Leona Garber

That’s it, he’s gone.
But he was alive yesterday.
Then why is the sun still shining, birds singing, and

children laughing.
Flags were not lowered, it wasn’t on the news.
Didn’t his life have meaning.
All he wanted was to please his wife and children.
And spoil his grandchildren.
His life  has meaning to us.
And so, it reads beloved husband, father, and
His life meant something to us.

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