Local Law Firm Offering Pro Bono Assistance For Hurricane Sandy Victims

We received the following e-mail from Ilya Novofastovsky, an area resident and partner in a Manhattan law firm who is turning his 25-member legal team to pro bono work in the wake of Hurricane Sandy:

My heart is breaking as I look at photos of the damage from Hurricane Sandy – water in the streets, electrical fires, Tatiana’s fallen façade, flooded basements and disabled vehicles – so many dreams are in shambles.  I hope you have all made it through safely and started the return to normal.While my home and office remain without power, we were pretty lucky. I am beginning to have some reception and have mobilized my staff to assist those who are less fortunate.Please feel free to email or call me at 917-226-6405. Also, please collect the contact information for everyone who suffered serious damages and wants help.  We will need their name, address, telephone, email and a brief description (loss of motor vehicle, flood-damaged basements, injuries, loss of business, etc.).  Make sure to tell everyone to take photos before they clean up and repair.I will help everyone pro bono to apply for government aid/compensation and to submit insurance claims.  Via email, I am able to assist as early as this week.  Feel free to share my information and this offer with anyone that may need it.Many of you have already contacted me for help.  Tomorrow at 1:00 PM, I was invited to address these issues on the Russian radio at 89.9 FM.Take care,Ilya Novofastovsky, Esq.NOVO LAW FIRM, P.C.299 Broadway, 17th fl.New York, N.Y. 10007Tel. (212) 233-6686