Local Doctor Is Beautiful, Inside And Out

Dr. David Greuner, a local cardiovascular surgeon with NYC Surgical Associates, was featured last night on the TV show, “The Doctors.”

Aside from being a specialist in minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery for cardiovascular diseases, varicose veins and new techniques and technologies, he is also one of 12 doctors on the cover of a special calendar called “The Most Beautiful Doctors in America,” produced by “The Doctors.” The proceeds of the calendar will be donated to the American Red Cross.

On last night’s episode, Dr. Greuner gave advice on mitral valve prolapse and on a an episode that aired earlier in the month, he gave his expert opinion on vein disease.

The show is an Emmy-winning program that asks specialists to explain various medical issues and procedures in a non-jargon kind of way.

His Bensonhurst office is at 8717 21st Avenue, so go ahead and ask him to sign your copy of the calendar if you have one, but you’ll probably have to make an appointment first.


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