Local Dentists Participate In “Give Kids A Smile,” Free Oral Health Care Services For Kids

Whoa, that's a creepy tooth. (Source: mmmcrafts/Flickr)

This year is the 10


anniversary of ADA’s Give Kids A Smile,  a dental program initiated to provide free oral health care services to children from low-income families across the country – and local dentists are getting in on the program.

“In order to better serve the community, raise awareness of untreated dental disease occurring in children, and allow children from low-income families from our area to get an oral examination for free, we decided to be a participant in the annual program,” said Dr. Kuznetsov of Dr. K Dental Clinic in Manhattan Beach.

Dr. K’s event is currently scheduled to be on Saturday, February 4, though most program participants will be running their event the day before, on February 3. Dr. K’s office is located at 65 Oriental Boulevard.

As of this week, there are 1,541 events planned with 9,372 dentists nationwide who have volunteered their time to help an estimated 398,616 children receive free oral examinations across the country.

According to the ADA’s roster of participants, there are 13 locations in Brooklyn that have currently received event packages and supplies from the ADA.

— Taylor Reynolds