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Local Brooklyn Public Library Branches Remain Under Water

One of the libraries flooded by Sandy (Photo: Brooklyn Public Library via

Five Brooklyn Public Library branches, four of which are in Southern Brooklyn, remain closed after taking severe damage during Superstorm Sandy, and library administrators say they need millions to get back online.

New York Daily News checked in with the library, noting that the Gerritsen Beach (2808 Gerritsen Avenue) and Coney Island (1901 Mermaid Avenue) branches took the worst damage, and will need new electrical systems, doors, chairs, shelves and computers. There is no word on when these branches will reopen.

The Gravesend (303 Avenue X), Sheepshead Bay (2636 East 14th Street) and Red Hook (7 Wolcott Street) branches also saw severe damage. Officials told the Daily News these will reopen in the next few weeks.

In all, the repairs will rack up a $10 million price tag, which includes structural repairs and the replacement of 75,852 books, magazines and DVDs ruined during the storm – piling on top of a $250 million list of backlogged repairs throughout the library system.

According to the News, the Brooklyn Public Library typically receives just $15 million a year from the Bloomberg administration for repairs.

“We were hurt,” said Brooklyn Public Library VP of strategic planning Jeanette Moy. “But we are leveraging every asset we have and every partnership that’s possible to bring services back to the community.”

The library is also requesting donations to help restore the library system. You can donate online.

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  1. so sad that we didnt won the lottery last night, one of the things we put on our list of things we would do with that money was rebuild these 5 libraries.. guess they will have to accept a much smaller donation from us 🙁

  2. I’m going to pay my fines now…. I was purposely building them up in order to make a “donation”, but I got them up there, time to pay.

    The Gerritsen Library is one of my favorites. First, they seem to get in a good quality and quantity of new books. Second, it’s clean, quiet. Third, and this is important for us mid-age people, it has a good bathroom. Fourth, the walk from the Bay is good exercise. Fifth, the pizza place next to it is good.

    Sixth, despite, the bad publicity from Halloween and some isolated biased incidents, the people I’ve encountered are extremely pleasant. The neighborhood is very low-stress, quiet, clean, it feels like I left the city,almost like a day out in suburbia. I hope the neighborhood recovers well.

  3. we watched the Gerritsen Library be built, couldnt wait for it to open…its so beautiful and you can bring a lunch, pick a book off the shelves and go have a picnic in their garden or on a rainy day sit by the BIG window that looks out over the water and let a book carry you away. we LOVE that Library but then we love all libraries. We have already starting packing up books to help refill their shelves when they open… we bought ALOT of great books at their last fundraising book fair and now we are going to give those books back and then buy them all over again 🙂


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