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Local Bensonhurst Citizen Publicly Shaming Dog Doodie Delinquents

Source: ctamacas via Twitter

This past week, we ran a story describing the plight of disabled Brooklyn residents hounded by dog poop lining the streets, ruining both their wheelchairs and their quality of life. It seems like a local concerned Bensonhurst citizen has taken the cause to the streets, posting pictures of negligent dog owners failing to clean up after their dogs. Carmen T. sent this pic to us via twitter, helping spread the “campaign of shame” needed to motivate these lazy dog owners into cleaning up the streets and following the law. Thanks, Carmen, and remember, for the sake of the disabled and everyone else, please clean up after your dog!

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  1. does carmen feel special now? she did her duty to society now go find something else to do with your time

  2. Unfortunately, it’s apathetic and obnoxious reactions like yours that lead to these types of public problems. (now why dont you go back to sleep and feel “special” about your negative post.) I am sure Carmen does have other things to do, but has found a bit of time to try to help. Thank you Carmen! If there were more citizens such as yourself, we wouldn’t have to worry about the litter problems in Bensonhurst.

  3. You must be a child, either chronologically or mentally. Now get off your fat a** and contribute to society instead of just whining about it.

  4. I’m sure Carmen’s time would be much better spent trolling the internet telling other people to find something else to do with their time.

  5. Hello smart people ,to whom curious yes i work hard and always find time to kick ass.I love dogs but don’t like lazy people who doesn’t care to clean after your own dog, i am sick to do that for them…


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