Lobbyist Who Bribed Carl Kruger Now Working For Feds

Lipsky on CUNY TV (Source: cuny.tv)

Longtime lobbyist Richard Lipsky, who pleaded guilty to bribing ex-State Senator Carl Kruger, has been busy sharing his secrets with federal prosecutors, according to court papers released yesterday and first reported by the Daily News. Acting in full cooperation with with the feds, Lipsky hopes his actions will result in leniency when Federal Judge Jed Rakoff announces his sentencing this Thursday.

Lipsky faces a maximum of six years for his crimes, as he pleaded guilty to giving $260,000 in bribes to Kruger through dummy companies that Kruger controlled with gynecologist and close personal associate Dr. Michael Turano. Lipsky’s level of cooperation with federal officials has been sufficient to the point where prosecutors have included a three-page letter to Judge Rakoff requesting leniency.

“Lipsky credibly described the origin of his corrupt relationship with Kruger during his proffers with the government,” prosecutor Glen McGorty told the Daily News, adding that the information Lipsky supplied has been useful in expanding the investigation to “numerous other persons.” References to who these persons might be, and what these investigations might entail, have been redacted from the sentencing letter to “preserve the integrity of ongoing law enforcement investigations.”

The full extent of windfall Lipsky is offering might be reflected in how lenient Judge Rakoff’s sentence is this coming Thursday, but, according to a New York Times piece this morning, pols across the city are already sweating over the potential of a new round of indictments.

“I thought, ‘Who did Lipsky turn on?’ ”State Senator Liz Krueger told the Times. “I bet many people in elected office and in the lobbying world said to themselves, ‘I wonder if it’s X.’”